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Self-Publishing Coaching and A-la Cart Services for Authors

From Idea to Impact: Get your Book DONE!

Let us be the guide by your side during your publishing process!

You can read all the self-publishing blogs and take all the courses (and we encourage you to!), but we’ll boil down the need-to-know information into an easy step-by-step process you can use to create your success.

We’ll show you where the pitfalls in publishing are and how to plan to avoid them, how to work around Amazon hiccups (there will always be hiccups!), and how to pivot when things don’t go as planned. 

Editing, book design services, marketing assistance, and an audio book can be built into your quote depending on your needs. 

Includes a set number of phone calls for consulting, a written book launch guide with a publishing glossary, detailed instructions, launch checklists, email access for quick questions, and more!

*If emails get excessive or it seems you will need more direct one-on-one help, you will be asked to book an additional “Pick Our Brain” session so that we can best serve you.

Custom Book Positioning

Book Descriptions: Setting up a strong book description can actually make or break your success, especially in online sales. Using proven and carefully honed copywriting sales techniques, we’ll make your book stand out amongst the rest to potential buyers. Requires access to your full manuscript – preferably provided on Google Docs or PDF. Your write-up and any necessary edits will be provided via Google Docs. Includes one draft and one round of edits.

Amazon Key Words and Categories Research: One of the absolute necessities to getting your book seen on Amazon is a strong metadata set-up, consisting of keywords and targeted book categories. We’ll do the research and provide you a list of recommendations, as well as directions on how to load these into your KDP account if you need those! Requires access to your full manuscript – preferably on Google Docs or PDF.

Author Bio: An enticing bio lets your readers know more about you! Schools love to see a great bio too! You’ll complete a short questionnaire and get back a 1-2 paragraph bio that you can use on your book cover, website, media outreach, etc. Provided on Google Docs. Includes one draft and one round of edits.

Editing & Manuscript Review

Did you know there are several types of editing?

Developmental editing can range from help on story arc, interest, plot development, and concept clarity and organization for all books.

Line editing is just that – the editor works line by line ensuring consistent flow and voice, as well as sentence structure. 

Copy editing is what most people think of when they hear editing. Here’s where we check for grammar, syntax, and typos, etc.

Manuscript Review:  This is formal process where our certified educator reviews your children’s book for appropriate language by developmental level, word count, story flow, character development, etc. 

A consult on how to best pair words with illustrations is available as an add-on. 

 All editing is for Children’s Books and Non-Fiction Books only. We do not currently offer editing for adult fiction books.

Marketing Packages

Book Launch Month: The first 30 days of a book launch are key to gaining traction. This package includes  four social media images featuring 3D renderings of your book, promo day distribution via Fussy Librarian, and access to our curated list of free places to plaster your book all over social media, and a month long social media plan for your book. 

If all goes well, not only will you have a great launch, you’ll get several Amazon reviews as well. How do we get every book we help launch into #1 categories? This is how!

*A well positioned book that has a chance of ranking highly includes a carefully written book description and expertly chosen keywords and categories. We are happy to add this to your services as well. See Custom Book Positioning above. 

Ongoing Marketing Assistance: Have a book out but struggling with sales? Book us for a custom audit of your current website and social media, and then get a custom report with suggested copywriting and social media plan to move you forward. 

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Book Design Services

Your book is your hook!

Whomever said never judge a book by it’s cover never worked in publishing!

A well designed cover stops the scroll and makes people want to click on your book to learn more. A beautifully designed interior enhances the reading experience. You need both to have a successful book!

Let our expert designers produce a book you can be proud of!

Audio Books

Everyone is listening to audiobooks! Per 2023 consumer data, more than half of the US population 18+ has now listened to an audiobook, making the audiobook market nearly 3.5 billion dollars.

Putting this together, the audiobook market is growing at a rate of 30% per year, which nearly quadruples the growth rate for eBooks.

If you’re not creating audiobooks, you’re leaving money on the table and not reaching all your potential readers. 

Our expert voice over artist and engineer will guide you through the process so that you can maximize your book’s impact and reach.

Lesson Plan Development

Many authors dream of getting into schools – and it’s a great way to supplement your income. Make your application to be a visiting author stand out amongst the rest with a beautifully designed multi-level and age-targeted lesson plan. Or, offer a lesson plan as an amazing opt-in freebie to get emails for your newsletter.

A certified educator with years of curriculum development experience will bring their professional expertise to your project. We start with a consult to establish your goals for the lesson plan and will build you a custom package from there. Requires a PDF of your book.

ADD-ON OPTION: A coloring page created from an illustration in your book, price varies by complexity.

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Pick Our Brain

Pay by the hour

Don’t see what you need here but still want a detailed consult session?

Want us to complete some publishing tasks on your behalf? Need something above and beyond your purchased package? We can add on for custom one-on-one work time.

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