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Bannon River Books, LLC

Bannon River Books operates as a unique boutique organization, bringing together a diverse and talented team of other female entrepreneurs who each have their own businesses too.

After all, a rising tide does lift all boats!
Together we work to make your publishing dreams come true.

No more worrying if the person you’re working with has been vetted, is reliable, or can create the caliber of work you strive for.

We’ve spent years bringing together the best of the best to ensure your every need is met to the highest standards.

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Colleen Bruneti smiling posing outside with a stack of books in her hands

Founder & CEO

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

Colleen is a best-selling author/illustrator and a self-publishing coach. Nothing makes her happier than seeing clients realize lifelong dreams while bringing their books to the world. This is by far the best job she’s ever had. Colleen publishes for both kids and adults and believes: The world needs your voice. Representation and diversity matter and love is love. All problems are solvable.

Colleen works on: Project management for the Bannon River Books team, author coaching, developmental editing for non-fiction and children’s literature, guiding the children’s book process, lesson plans, technical assistance for all things book prep and upload, and author marketing strategy.

Intricate Designs

Arlene Soto is the owner of Intricate Designs, a Hispanic (yes, she’s a fluent Spanish speaker), woman-owned business, and she support LGBTQ, other minority-owned businesses, and non-profits whenever she has the opportunity. She has an extensive background in fine art, and has been working in design since 2012. Learn more about Arlene at intricate-designs.com

Arlene works on: Book design! From gorgeous picture book layout to creative and eye catching covers for both kid and adult books, Arlene has a gift for making book visuals pop.

Kerning Editorial

Domanie Spencer is the owner of Kerning Editorial, offering editing and proofreading services to writers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. “Kerning” is the space between letters. Inherently important in tying all details together, it exists in the background without spectacle. At Kerning Editorial, it represents the opportunity to recognize what can be easily overlooked and amend seamlessly. Learn more at kerningeditorial.com

Domanie works on: Line and copy editing, as well as proofreading, for our non-fiction and inspirational books. Her eye for detail is impeccable, and she seamlessly maintains the author’s voice and intent while elevating the quality and clarity of your writing.

Pam Glauber is our children’s book editor. More information coming soon!

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